The Buckinghamshire Opportunity:

Buckinghamshire is the entrepreneurial heart of Britain where, for well over a decade, more businesses have started than anywhere else in the UK. In Buckinghamshire the heartbeat of enterprise is strong; we act decisively to successfully exploit new ideas and opportunities. It is no accident that we are the creative film engine for James Bond and Star Wars at Pinewood Studios, the home of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the birthplace of the Paralympic movement at Stoke Mandeville. In Bucks, there is an over-representation in all the Plan for Growth sectors including life-sciences, space, creative industries and advanced engineering, and our economic growth will be fuelled by the supply of a skilled, flexible workforce needed by our firms.

To achieve this, it is important that our young people feel connected to the world of work through their education, to see the relevance of what they are learning, and to discover the many varied careers, opportunities and progression routes that are available to them. ‘Enterprise’ in its broadest sense needs to be as intrinsic to education as music and sport are. For this to be possible, business involvement is essential to bring commercial learning and experience into the classroom, to develop in our young people the vital soft skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, confidence, professionalism, teamwork and leadership to prepare them for the world of work.

OppsinBucks is the platform for people in education and people in business to connect, and to work together to deliver practical skills and real experience based learning opportunities including workshops, real business challenges, live briefs from industry and work experience.

The win-win:

The vision is of a two-way inspiration and mentorship between people in business and students, where all gain from the experience.

Jack Welch, former chief executive of General Electric, was one of the first to champion reverse mentoring, back in 1999. As the internet was gaining traction, he paired twenty-somethings with senior executives to teach them the new technology. In the past few years, this form of mentoring has been spreading rapidly, largely focused on social media and mobile technology but also on diversity issues and how the age group known as millennials want to work. (20.11.13,

Through this platform, people in business can find out more about their customer group, future employees, and run live briefs by and set challenges for the innovative and disruptive young minds – and just see what comes back!


OppsinBucks is an inclusive strategic approach to education business links in Buckinghamshire. OppsinBucks will broker and facilitate education business links across all partners.

It is the online platform for the Bucks Skills Hub.

Jackie Campbell

Skills Development Manager

CIM qualified, corporate and SME experienced, Jackie has also run her own creative agency in London’s Charlotte Street for clients such as Warner Vision, Sony Pictures and Odeon Cinemas. Since 2010, Jackie has taught and mentored adults and 16-18year olds to start their own businesses at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy where she was also the Business Enterprise Manager, responsible for engaging and involving industry and commerce in the learning experience. She is still involved in managing high profile creative projects for her Patchwork design company and brings to the Skills Development Manager role a useful balance of current business acumen and education experience. Outside of work, she likes cross country running (subject to temperamental knees) and time out with the family.




Marina Jackson

Education Developer

Having graduated in Business Studies and completing a graduate trainee program with IBM, Marina then moved into Investment Banking, specialising in Latin American equity fund management, which made use of her language skills.   Having had a keen interest in training and development, Marina trained to be a teacher of Business. She has always believed in involving business in the classroom and embraced the ethos of the Peter Jones Academy ‘bringing the boardroom into the classroom’. She has a sound knowledge of the FE sector. Marina enjoys time spent with family and dogs.



Lorenzo 1Lorenzo Luiso

Content Coordinator

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Graduate, Lorenzo also runs his own online retail business with experience in usability design and social media management. Since graduating from the academy Lorenzo has worked on a number of web based projects leading up to becoming the content coordinator at the Bucks Skills Hub where he works to maintain the content on the OppsinBucks website, handles social accounts, and deals with design improvements. Away from work he is a motorcycle enthusiast, and enjoys doing a range of sports.



The Bucks Skills Hub and OppsinBucks are governed by the Skills and Employability Board:

Max Hailey, Mix 96 (Chair)
Emma Norman, Pinewood
Ruth Nash, GE Healthcare
Paul Batey, Clarks of Amersham
Sam Donohue, Health Education Thames Valley
Nick Coleman, Medical Supermarket
Philippa Batting, Bucks Business First
Karen Mitchell, Aylesbury College
Jon Adams, Aylesbury Training Group
Rebecca Chandler-White, Bucks New University
Sue Gale, Adviza
Mike Appleyard, Bucks County Council

OppsinBucks is supported by the following partners:

The Bucks Skills Hub
Bucks Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership
Buckinghamshire Skills and Employability Board
Buckinghamshire County Council
Chiltern District Council
Aylesbury Vale District Council
South Bucks District Council
Adviza / Connexions Bucks
Bucks Business First

A volunteer from business is an individual from business who participates in education business link opportunities through Oppsinbucks. Employer involvement is supported by the team at the Hub who are on hand to assist if required.

An educator is a school or a college represented by the careers coordinators, teachers, heads of year or department who register their profiles. It is possible for more than one representative to register profiles from each school or college.

This is an activity posted on the OppsinBucks website by an employer, offering support from business.

Learn more about business offers

This is an activity posted on the OppsinBucks website by an educator, that requires support from business.

Opportunities are made up of requests from schools and offers from businesses. Opportunity-category-examples

OppsinBucks recognises that volunteers from business have many demands on their time and we only ask for as much or as little as each individual can manage – flexible involvement is key.

An OppsinBucks partner is an organisation or individual that supports the principles of OppsinBucks (see list above). In addition, the Hub will bring together all the existing delivery partners and initiatives in the county to help reduce duplication and ensure an effective and efficient deployment of local resources.

An employer-led initiative that is committed to embedding enterprise culture in secondary schools through active employer involvement. A dynamic partnership between educators and employers committed to ensuring school leavers are prepared for the world of work through active and experiential learning and core competencies gained.

Initially OppsinBucks will focus on supporting secondary schools with activities that:

  • develop employability skills,
  • promote local growth sectors/sectors of skills shortage as career/training choices and
  • enhance careers education, information, advice and guidance

Complete a registration form on this site to set up your OppsinBucks account. You need to clarify if you are from a business, from a school or Co-ordinator/Partner. Once you have submitted your registration form OppsinBucks will be in touch to confirm your registration and let you know how to post offers or requests for support.

After you submit your registration form, if it’s approved by OppsinBucks you will be sent a username and password so you can manage and update your OppsinBucks profile. Your profile will be included in a directory for other OppsinBucks community members to view. It will also be a means for them to contact you through the OppsinBucks website. Registration will also enable you to list and respond to OppsinBucks opportunities or requests.

Add your name and organisation and a photo. Make sure your profile is as complete as possible, you can link to your LinkedIn profile and other social networks.

Terms and conditions for OppsinBucks:

By using our website, you accept these terms and conditions in full; if you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not register or delete your account:

Upon registration, you agree to:

  • Adhere to school safeguarding policies (each school will have the responsibility for child protection and safeguarding for its own students)
  • Notify OppsinBucks if the service is used to sell a product/service
  • Inform OppsinBucks if a listing is hosted elsewhere
  • Inform OppsinBucks of any changes to listings
  • Raise any issues associated with the OppsinBucks website, any OppsinBucks activity and
  • OppsinBucks contacts with the OppsinBucks Content Manager in the first instance.
  • Give feedback on your experience of using the OppsinBucks website, any OppsinBucks activities and contacts.
  • Share information on your experience for case studies if requested.

You can keep up to date by subscribing to the OppsinBucks updates (when you register, you’ll automatically be enrolled) or contact us for a chat.