Bucks Skills Hub Appathon with Bucks UTC

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Bucks Skills Hub small logoOn Thursday 4th February, the Bucks Skills Hub delivered a session to year 10 students to launch Appathon, a competition to design an app to help young people find career opportunities.

The challenge

The challenge was to create the interface of an App to help young people find apprenticeships, work experience and employment opportunities. Over the course of a month, students put their teamwork and leadership skills to the test, working in teams to meet the brief. Students had to consider some aspects of marketing such as branding and user experience (UX). Simply speaking, UX is how one feels and behaves when using a product or a system.

The winners will see their ideas incorporated into the app. The session was delivered by Marina Jackson and Lorenzo Luiso of Bucks Skills Hub. Also Joy Foster, Web Development Manager of Made With Joy, a local web and app development company. The competition served not only as an exciting chance for students to be involved in the design of a fully-functioning application, but it acts as an opportunity for pupils to develop and utilise some of the key skills needed in the workplace.

The deadline for submissions was the 3rd of March when they were to complete the project with a presentation, and the winner selected by the judging panel.Bucks_UTC_Appathon

The results

On 3rd March 2 groups presented back to the Bucks Skills Hub team. Whilst both teams had some innovative ideas, the team who met the requirements of the brief most comprehensively was ‘Jobs for You’. However, both teams had some elements that could be incorporated into the final App and further development work is being planned.

The Bucks Skills Hub has benefited hugely by involving students in the ideas stage of the app development, due to the innovative nature of the young minds, and access to ideas from the target audience of the final app. This has helped them to consider which direction the app will go in when developed and the features that will need to be included in order to make the app appeal to students.