Introduction to Cyber Security

I will travel to your location from BERKHAMSTED HP4 9DD United Kingdom [Map]
Posted Tue 4th April 2017
Expires Thu 5th July 2018

This workshop is intended for those wishing to learn about cyber security for the first time.

The interactive two-hour workshop encourages attendees to learn about:
(a) The different types of information and why they are valuable to us or the wider community.
(b) The value of our information to criminals and how they might go about obtaining it.
(c) Some steps we can take to reduce the risk of our information being lost, stolen, corrupted or deleted.
(d) Points of contact for learning more about cyber security and the careers it has to offer.

The material is appropriate for children and adults over the age of 12 years, noting that Educators should ensure that their attendees are capable of fully understanding that actions contrary to the Computer Misuse Act 1990 are illegal and so not tolerated by society.


Mark Kendrew

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