Employability Skills & Psychometric Assessments

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Posted Mon 8th January 2018
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Simon has used and provided psychometric assessments to many organisations so that they can obtain greater insights about their employees.
When a candidate submits their CV it contains a history of their, mostly academic achievements. Most new starters can claim their results show how competent they are and quite rightly so.
But employers need to understand a bit more than your academic results.They are going to invest in your potential which is unknown.

Psychometric assessments are used to ask relevant questions about your likely behaviour, how quickly you can be trained and how you are likely to interact with others.
Behaviours are a huge part of a personality which becomes fairly constant toward the end of your teens.

At some point in your interview cycle whether it is for further education,apprenticeship or full time work,you are likely to be invited to take a test of some kind.

Simon would like to share his experiences with you so that you may be comfortable in the background of different assessments.


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