URGENT! Yr 11 - 1-2-1 CV Mentoring

Opendale Road Burnham SL1 7LZ Buckinghamshire United Kingdom [Map]
Posted Thu 24th January 2019
Expires Fri 24th January 2020

Due to the recent announcement that our school is due to close, we are looking for volunteers who will support a 1-2-1 CV review mentoring session with our Year 11 students.

This is a chance to reinforce with the students the importance of a CV and what should be on it.

Over the course of an hour you will see 3 – 4 students.


CVs for most students are already written, some are struggling to get this done and in this case the role is about reassuring them that CVs are important and helping to give them the confidence that they have something to put on these CVs.

The students are unsettled as they are unsure where they be doing their work experience from (will it be Burnham Park or their new school) and are in general unsettled to learn that they will not be doing their final year of school in Burnham Park.

We are anxious for our students to help gain the skills they need to cope with the changes they are facing. We also want to show them that the wider communities continues to care about them and their futures.

If are you free at the following times please reach out to me:

Monday, 28th January – 10.55 – 11.45

Monday, 4th February – 10.55 – 11.45

Tuesday, 5th February – 1.55 – 2.45


Please contact Barbara Brookes on – barbara.brooke@e-act.org.uk


Barbara Brookes

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