Video Makers/Marketing Work Experience

Start date: Fri 9th September 2016 15:50
End date: 00:00

Swift House High Wycombe HP13 7DL United Kingdom [Map]
Posted Fri 9th September 2016
Expires Fri 20th July 2018

We’re looking for students that would like to gain some experience in our busy marketing department. We have a number products and solutions that we would like to promote to gain greater exposure within our chosen markets and we feel we can achieve this by producing some interesting and creative videos, but we need a bit of help.

So if you would like to develop your skills in video marketing why not get in touch. We’re looking for students that have a bit of experience creating video, some creative flair and bags of enthusiasm. If you have some time to spare and would like to help us, please let me know.


Chris Potts

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