F1 in Schools Challenge

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F1 in Schools is a non-for-profit organisation set up to provide an exciting educational experience for students aged 9-19 years old, across the world! The challenge is currently run in 42 different countries, and thanks to it’s support from the Formula 1 community it interests everyone who experiences it.

The challenge itself offers young people the chance to display and grow a huge range of skills, and to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths related subjects in possibly the most hands on and inspirational ways there is. By collaborating, designing, testing, manufacturing, and racing their very own compressed air powered miniature Formula 1 cars against teams from around the world.

Teams will be tasked with completing and excelling in all the operations which are involved in the creation of a full scale F1 team, such as raising funds, budgeting, marketing, designing, testing, logistics, and racing.

This is a full on challenge that guarantees to offer the best opportunities for students, and gain a wealth of skills and knowledge in a range of areas which they may not have experienced before, making them well-rounded individuals and setting them on the path to successful careers, whether it be in engineering or not!

Click here to learn more, and get involved