GCSE Grade Changes – Your guide as a business to the new GCSE grades

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If you’re a business owner or recruiter then you might not have heard yet that as of this year some GCSE grades have changed format, and there will no longer be any A* to G grades in English Language, English Literature and Maths.

Because of this changes it’s important for you as a business to get to know more about the new grades and their equivalents in the old grading system so you can make effective judgements based on applicants qualifications.

If you are a business that’s currently recruiting young people or looking to recruit anyone in the future then there are a couple of actions you should be taking right now to put yourself in the right position for change.

Firstly, you’ll want to familiarise yourself, or your employees who are in charge of recruiting, with the new GCSE grades and how they line up in terms of performance with the previous GCSE grading system. Below is a great infographic created by the people at OxLEP that makes it simple to understand the new GCSE grading system.

Credit OxfordshireLEP.com


Secondly if you are a business that is recruiting young people right now then you will need to update any recruitment materials as soon as possible so students who have just received their GCSE results can see what is expected of them in terms of the new GCSE grades. It is advised that you leave the old GCSE grades visible on your recruitment material aswell so that anyone who received results last year in the old format will still be able to make the right judgement when looking at your vacancies.

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