As you already know, every school in the UK hosts a range of after school clubs and schemes which students choose to attend as an extra curricular activity, with many of these clubs being used by students to improve their CV and skill set; which is why at the Bucks Skills Hub we are working to facilitate the setting up of similar after school clubs at Bucks schools, run by local businesses. These clubs would be aimed at improving the students work skills through activities and challenges related to the business that is delivering the material. Businesses could run a weekly club at a local school lasting 6 weeks for example, and within this 6 week course they could set a live challenge or project that is currently running at the business, for example designing promotional material, or launching a new product line.

By involving local students in this way and allowing them to learn and work with the guidance of a professional from industry would allow them to develop a huge range of skills, and would also give the participating business a chance to gain new ideas and inspiration from younger minds, and possibly recruit passionate and skilled individuals for future positions within the business.

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