Offering work placements within your business to eager students is a clear win-win situation, in that the student has the chance to experience a career that they may consider in the future and to learn more about working in a certain environment; whilst you as a business benefits by receiving support from an extra mind, and also gives you access to a very underestimated tool, the mind of a young person.

Also, by allowing a student to come in to your business and learn about different aspects within its operation you could be inspiring a future employee who would already have a passion for what you do and the knowledge to deliver a good quality of work.

Aswell as offering work experience to local students, it can also be very beneficial to recruit new employees or apprentices through the same channel at schools or colleges that you may have previously been involved with in some way, as this way you will be recruiting students who already have a knowledge of your business and may have skills which you developed with them that could benefit your business operations.

Hiring apprentices is becoming easier and more common as apprenticeship courses are being created across a huge range of industries and careers unlike the stigma that only vocational trades benefit from apprenticeship schemes. Learn more about hiring apprentices in to your small business here:

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