Holocaust Memorial Day lesson resource

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Explore the importance of learning from the terrible acts in history with this lesson plan. Some of the Nazi camps have now been made into museums, visited by survivors, their family, schools groups and tourists. Students will learn why people visit such memorial museums and how when we learn from the past we might help challenge hatred and persecution in the present day.

This resource can be used to support English, History or PSHE

Firstly students will discuss what they know about the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, just outside Krakow, Poland and can develop research skills by finding out about the visitor center. The discussion can then develop into why people visit such sites. Students can then write about how remembering the atrocities of the past (not just Auschwitz but in Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur) can help challenge persecution and hatred today.

Included is a sorting exercise as to peoples’ motivation to remember horrors of the past. Why might some people rather forget?

What other memorials can students think of? Which are most powerful? This exercise can, again, be used to develop research and thinking skills.