One in three Bucks employers have stated 17-18 year olds recruited to first time jobs from school are ‘poorly’ or ‘very poorly’ prepared for work [Source: UKCES: ESS 2013]

Opps in Bucks was set up to connect Buckinghamshire schools to local & national businesses in order to bridge the gap between education and industry so that business can offer careers inspiration talks, lesson activities, visits, mentoring, careers advice, work experience, part-time work, apprenticeships to schools and colleges who are keen to connect.

Through greater exposure to a broader variety of employers and sectors, the hope is to motivate, inspire and support young people to make informed choices about their future and help them achieve against those choices.

What’s in it for you and your business?

It’s an opportunity to:

  • Investigate local potential recruits
  • Shape employability skills and develop tomorrow’s workforce
  • Pass on enthusiasm for your sector
  • Influence teaching to make it relevant to the local economy
  • Promote your business to schools and their stakeholders
  • With as much or as little time as you are able to give, you can help through skills challenges, skills workshops, careers talks, after school clubs, work experience, or workplace visits.

We understand that coming up with ways your business could get involved and make an impact can be time consuming so if you would like more information or support in setting up an activity or offer, contact the team at the Bucks Skills Hub; or perhaps have a look at our case studies for inspiration click here; or some schools have posted requests for support at Educator Requests and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Need Ideas? Click an icon below to find out more about different ways you could get involved:

Many successful partnerships, activities, and opportunities have been initiated using Opps In Bucks, and helped along the way by the team at the Bucks Skills Hub; to see our case studies from recent business and educator interactions click here.

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We understand that thinking up ways your business could get involved in a school and make an impact, can be a tedious and time consuming task, which is why there is our Educator Requests section where you can browse requests that are posted by Buckinghamshire schools and see the type of involvement they are looking for, or skill that they want students to learn about from businesses. Also, our fortnightly newsletter includes upcoming opportunities for businesses to work with schools; if you are keen to engage with local schools but aren’t sure how you could do this please email us at