There are now two ways for you to post your offer depending on the type of offer and who you want it to be seen by.

In-School Activities for Educators

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These posts include activities you would like to deliver or facilitate in school, such as:

  • Skills Challenges
  • Skills Workshops
  • Careers Talks
  • After School Clubs
  • Work Experience
  • Work Place Visit

Next Steps

To post this type of offer you must already be registered as a business on and currently logged in to your account. If you are registered & logged in click below to post your offer!

Submit an In-School Offer


Vacancies & Opportunities for Students

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If you would like to promote work experience, apprenticeship and part/full time job opportunities direct to young people, we have an exciting new student facing site, OppsinBucks WANNABE. Please follow the three easy steps below to discover new talent today!

Next Steps

  1. REGISTERED? If you’re already registered on Oppsinbucks, then you’re ready to go (move on to point 2!) – if not, please register by going to ‘Get Involved’ at the top of the page.
  2. VALIDATED? Before posting direct to students, we need to check that your professional insurances/risk assessments are in place, so please complete this one-off form to proceed Click Here
  3. POST YOUR VACANCY! Once your validation form is approved, you will receive a link which you can use to post your vacancy with full contact details.

If you are already registered and validated, please post your vacancy below.

Vacancies and Opportunities posted on the WANNABE site will be promoted through our social media channels, email newsletter and through our connections with local schools/colleges. Click below to get started and recruit eager young people in to your business!

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