Links Between Career Talks & Future Earnings – British Cohort Study

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A recent British Cohort Study around careers education in the UK has revealed some interesting statistics after collecting data from students aged 14-16, through to their working life aged 26. The study shows a clear correlation between the number of careers talks that British teenagers were exposed to and their earnings when they reached 26 years old.

‘Results revealed that, on average, for each career talk with someone from outside of the school experienced at age 14-15 young people benefited from a 0.8% wage premium when they were 26. These findings are statistically significant at 5%, meaning that there is a 95% certainty this correlation did not occur by chance. This relationship was not found for those aged 15-16, which implies that career talks had a greater value for the younger cohort..’

The findings of this study are a clear sign that the employer engagement in students career educations can lead to a higher wage earning later on in their careers, and this can be maximized by providing employer engagement in schools. Browse the current business offers in Buckinghamshire by clicking below, and add employer engagement to your career education.

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