Maximise your STEM Ambassador link-up

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We’ve now linked up most of our Bucks Careers Hub schools with a STEM Ambassador to increase school engagement with STEM activities.

Bourne End Academy and Amersham School have both recently hosted successful STEM events.

As part of its Key Stage 3 First Steps Careers Day (pictured with Careers Coordinator Will Meadows), Bourne End Academy organised a STEM Career Showcase for Year 8s, and Ambassadors stepped in to give an hour of their time to share their career journeys with students – challenging stereotypes about just who can follow a career in STEM, and revealing opportunities within this growing industry sector.

Each person delivered their talk twice, repeating it to two different classes. Each class had around 30 students in it. Each session lasted 30 minutes, including 5-10 minutes of questions following the main talk. Each student therefore found out the career journeys of two employers from different STEM roles.

During Amersham School’s extended learning day in March, all year 7 students took part in Engineering workshops. HS2 provided workshops highlighting the ‘EPIC’ nature of the challenges that engineers face and showcased the creative, technology-driven solutions used in rail and infrastructure industries. Fusion JV ran various workshops including bridge building and designing a marble run. Tomorrow’s Engineers provided free ‘Energy Quest workshops’ for students. Have a look at their webpage for further details:

The school-linked STEM Ambassador, Ian Frew, spoke to all Year 10 students in a rotation of small groups. A dozen volunteer speakers gave 10-15 minute presentations about themselves, their career and routes into it with some time for student questions at the end.

STEM Ambassadors still needed

A few schools are still in need of a linked STEM Ambassador, so if anyone has any willing contacts, please email the Skills Hub at