Plate Tectonics Story Competition – STEM Challenge from the Geologican Society

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the theory of plate tectonics we have launched our Plate Tectonic Stories Competition!

We are inviting all primary, secondary and 6th form college geography, geology, science, technology, art and even dance classes to get involved and tell us a plate tectonic story of your own by creating something that brings plate tectonics to life and demonstrates some of the processes involved.

We want your students to be as imaginative as possible, classes could create a model of a continental rift or subduction zone, bake a volcano, film a way of explaining earthquakes, research a project on your favourite plate boundary, design a plate tectonics puzzle or game it’s really up to the students! As a starting point classes could use one of our plate tectonic stories ( as inspiration, research through our online plate tectonics learning module (, read one of our factsheets or use our plate tectonics passport activity in the classroom.

Your school could get involved as part of a lesson on Earth science, after school club, extended project, homework task,

class activity or whole school activity. You can even request a Geology STEM Ambassador to visit to your school to give scientific advice on your project (

Each participating school will receive a Plate Tectonics Stories educational poster for their classroom as well as having a pack of useful teaching resources available to download on our website.

To receive your free Plate Tectonics Stories Poster please fill in the registration form* and send this to

*Click here to download your registration form

The winning schools will receive a selection of Earth science books for their school library (to the value of £150, £100 and £50) as well as some Geological Society goodies and certificates!

Once you have finished your entry complete a competition entry form ( and send us your entries by email to or by post to:

Plate Tectonic Stories

The Geological Society

Burlington House


London W1J 0BG

All competition entries must be received by 30 April 2018.