Students benefit from interview practice at Amersham School

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Interview Practice at Amersham School

Irrespective of the choice of career or indeed further education you will certainly need to attend and perform well at an interview. Many employers have bemoaned the failure of potential employees to even do the basics of dressing appropriately, preparing for the interview and being able to respond to questions with coherent and thoughtful answers.

So you can imagine the delight of the 10 highly qualified business people invited to carry out the interviews when they met with 28 of the Year 11 business students attending the Amersham School and found them to be well turned out, well prepared, professional and thoroughly engaged with the experience.

The day started with students selecting one of four real roles and companies on offer for which to apply. These covered a wide enough range to find something that could be relevant for each of them. They were then given time to do necessary research and start preparing to answer a list of likely questions.

Next was a team task, something that is now very common in selection. Divided into small groups, each with a member of the external team observing, they worked on a task that involved ordering a number of items that might be useful in a life threatening situation. Their enthusiasm and commitment could be well judged by the level of noise during the exercise and the fact that at least some of them were judged to have survived!

After further preparation time each of the students attended a 20 minute interview with an experienced professional and after which individual feedback was given and the students were invited to ask any questions they might have had.

Most importantly, the feedback from both the students, staff and interviewers was overwhelmingly positive as can be judged by the following quotes;

  • Students: “This experience was truly beneficial and what we all need to help gain a job and start a career. Having a chance to develop skills outside of the curriculum is already giving us a way in to the world of work”.
  • Staff: “The day was a positive experience for everyone. Students felt very encouraged by the comments and feedback with regard to their interview performance. For many, this was their first experience of attending an interview and they felt an enormous sense of achievement. The fact that the interviews were conducted by professionals from outside the School added gravitas to the day.”
  • Interviewers: “It was a really good day and considering the age of the students I was very impressed”. And “I thought the students were really well prepared and were a real credit to the school”.

Peter Henry – Enterprise Advisor

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